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Monday, August 13, 2012

Control and Responsibility

It's important to be in control because without control, it could be chaotic.  However, being in control also means that you are responsible.  It's important to know that the responsibility affects your entire life.  The most important thing you need to control is yourself.  In being control over yourself, you are given the responsibility to take care of yourself, and with that responsibility, you decide what your life is going to be like.

Other people can influence you, but in the end, it's you who has the control.  Once you give up that control for an urge, your body will be affected.  For example, there are multiple cases where people just give in to their desire to eat.  Because of that desire, they cannot stop and cannot balance the caloric intake and usage, causing their body to react to that by storing all that extra energy.  Eventually, because you've lost control over your body to your urges, your body is affected with the weight gain.  Now, the fault lies with you because you allowed yourself to choose that.  There is no other explanation, because you are the only one putting food into your body.  The weakness in the body is directly related to the weakness in the mind.  The stronger the mind is, the stronger the body can be.

In the end, the choice is yours, however, with encouragement from other people, and positive influence, you might be able to make the healthy life choices your body needs.  Today, after a hard day at work, I went back to the apartment, put the rice in the rice cooker, and slept for an hour, waking up and eating, and after taking a little break, drove over to the gym to work out.  The rice/eggs/spinach/soysauce/mayo combo was amazing.  It tasted pretty good and it was a good balance for me... but anyway, I went over to the gym, did one max set of pull ups (24) and one max set of push ups (60) and then cycled for an hour at a decently fast pace.  I then went over to do my single leg calf raises when I felt good enough and doubled my usual amount, doing 420 calf raises for each leg.  After working out, I went over to stretch when I met another individual that saw me and thought I looked like a runner and asked me a couple questions regarding running, and after talking with him and getting to know him, I found that he was a new runner and wanted to get back into shape without hurting himself.  Naturally, I offered to help him, and we stretched and talked for a bit, planning a run tomorrow evening.  After that, I went back and ran 5 miles in 36:22, an average of 7:16 min/mile.  The only reason that it wasn't that fast was because for a couple minutes, I was jogging in place because I was talking to a neighbor who was walking around with his friends.  The important thing to me about this run was the distance, not the time, so although I mostly ran in sub 7 min miles, the average went up because of that.

It's nice to know that there are people out there that want to take responsibility of their own bodies and ask for help to do that.  That shows that they have the passion and understand the importance of taking steps to help yourself go towards your goal.  When reaching for any goal that you have, it's important that you are in control of yourself so that you can take steps towards that goal, that you can go directly towards your goal, in order to accomplish it.  There may be distractions, but if you have absolute control over yourself, you can reach your goal.

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