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Sunday, August 5, 2012

To be a Team

I work at a school and I work with Kindergarten all the way to 4th grade.  At the first class, I went through the rules, and talked about how each class was a team that worked together.  We first formed a circle with out hands to remind us what a circle looked like, and after everyone 'figured out' what a circle was, I gave them 5 seconds to create a circle that would include me.  They had a difficult time because it wasn't enough time and they couldn't communicate clearly what needed to be done.  After giving them a little more time, I asked whether or not it was a circle.  After finally making a circle, I asked them what would happen should someone step out.  Would it be a circle?  Immediately, they answered no, because a circle is only a circle if everything is connected.  Should there be a missing piece, it's not whole, and therefore, not a circle.

It's the same way with running a long distance race, or working in an office... in every day life.  You work with people, and you are all part of a team.  Should one individual mess up, the whole team is messed up.  Every individual counts, and in order to become the best, you have to make sure that each individual is in their top shape and ready to work their hardest.

Today, I played wallyball with my sister and friends, and for 3 straight hours, we played... and I didn't lose a single game.  Part of it was because we got lucky, but on most of them, because of the teamwork that my team had, we were able to out-hustle the opponent and win.  Now it's a good thing that I'm rather athletic, and the same for my sister, but it was the teamwork that really pulled everything together.  With good teamwork, you can do so much, and if that teamwork didn't exist, then it would be more or less chaotic and the team would be a group of individuals with their own specific goals and it wouldn't work nearly as well.  Working together, it's not a matter of 10+10, but rather 10X10, improving the amount of output.

Teamwork is what brings people together.  Teamwork is what gives us good results.  Without teamwork, we won't be able to excel as well, able to produce as much.  It is teamwork that helps each individual work together as efficiently as possible.

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