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Monday, August 20, 2012

Stuff Happens

When I got stung by a bee on Saturday, I was like, oww... that hurt... and I went on and ran 14.3 miles.  On Sunday, after street hockey, I came back to my car and found that it stopped working, I was like, "It's okay, it means I'll have to start cycling to work and get my exercise that way and it'll all work out."  Today, since I had stayed over at a friends house, I just cycled 5 miles to get to work.  However, as I was cycling back to my apartment, a piece of glass punctured the rear tire of my bicycle when I was 7.2 miles away from work. Now, I lived 15 miles away from work, so that was basically half way.  I was fortunate enough to catch a friend who was going towards the same direction as me, and he gave me a ride for 2 miles, and so I walked the last 5 miles pushing my bike.

I had a lot of time to think.

I thought about all these things and how they happened and what happened because of that.  I thought about what I needed to do because all these things happened.  I wasn't in the greatest of moods exactly.  My car failed, my bicycle failed, and by that time, my phone failed and I was on my own.  The only thing that hadn't failed me was my two feet.  Even though my right foot was slightly swollen from the bee sting, I could stay on it and keep going forward.  I had my fair share of things happening to me, but that can't stop me.  Stuff happens, and we can't control it.  We can only control how we react to it.

Stuff happens, both good and bad.  It really does.  Right now, it just seems like bad things are just piling on top of each other.  In times like this, you need to push on and go forward.  Failure is only occurs when you give up, and until you give up, the 'game' goes on.  Fight on and persevere and in the end, you will not only win, but you'll come out a lot stronger than before.  Also, it's always good to have others around you because when things do happen, they can help you out.  For example, tomorrow, because of my 'emergency', a co-worker offered to come over and drive me to work with her.  It's nice to have friends and very nice to have people around you that offers to help you in whatever way they can.  It not only helps you here and now, but it encourages you, showing you that they'll be there, should the need arise.

When stuff happens, your friends will always support you.

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