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Saturday, August 11, 2012


When you run long distances, it's not about the speed.  It's the mileage.  People often mistaken that and focus on the speed of what they're doing.  Although speed is important, overall, mileage is what counts.  Experience piles on top of each other and it affects the body and how it develops.  Speed only lasts a short amount of time, and in the overall schematics, it doesn't do too much.

It's about the distance.  It's about making it.  It's about adding it all together.  Today, I ran with a good friend of mine twice, after taking a little breather between each run. 3.4 miles in 37:59 on the first run (11:11 min/mile average) and 2.32 miles in 27:22 (11:49 min/mile average).  It definitely wasn't my fastest run, but it was a very enjoyable run.  I enjoyed going out and running with Whitney, who I was able to help out with form and such.  Running is pretty important to me, and when I go with people, I do my best to go at their pace and be helpful to them if they ask for it.  She knew I was a big runner so she asked for some advice on her running form, and we worked on it as we ran.  It was nice to just go out, talk and run all at the same time.  Part of me wishes that there were more people that would do that.  I enjoyed getting to know Whitney while on the run too.  Personally, running is really good to get to know other people, because it shows you their character as well as sharing your own.

After the run, I decided to stick around the park and meet up with total strangers and play some beach volleyball.  I saw some people playing, and I thought I'd join, and asked... and was easily accepted.  I got new friends, I played a couple hours of volleyball, and went home pretty happy.  This was one of the best Saturdays ever.  I really enjoy being all active.  Can't wait til next week. Haha.

It doesn't really matter how fast you do something, as long as you enjoy it, and make it work.  Today was something that was fun, and definitely helped with my overall goal of running.  Keep up the mileage and the goal won't be too far off.

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