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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ryan Hall's DNF

Today, I had the opportunity of waking up in the morning, skyping a friend and watching the last 20 minutes of the marathon.  Uganda got first place, Kenya second and third, USA fourth, Brazil fifth, and Japan sixth.  The finishes of all these individuals were fairly fast.  I couldn't understand how they could go so fast for so long, but looking at them, I know that they've trained the whole time in order to be able to achieve that status.  They had to take steps to get to that point.

Although there were a lot of runners that finished the marathon, there was one individual that I noticed that did not finish the race.  Ryan Hall had his first DNF, his first... failure.  However, this was the best choice he could make because had he gone, he would have had a hard time with his nagging injury, possibly ruining his running career.  Although the DNF probably felt glad at the moment, holistically, there's a lot more to it, and that  actually save more.

We have points where we need to know that we need a DNF, to understand what is important.  Today, I didn't run.  Instead, I did 24 pull ups, and 60 push ups.  After that, I cycled and then later had 2 hours of wallyball.... it was a nice day.

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