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Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 11 (31 Day Transformation)

Today was a pretty good day.  I ended up not working as hard as I wanted to because my leg felt a little tired and I knew that if I pushed myself too hard today, tomorrow I wouldn't be able to continue my running.  I did run multiple times with breaks in between because I wanted to make sure I wasn't hurting myself by pushing too hard too fast.  Kind of funny how things turned out for the run.

Here's what I did today:

4.36 miles in 38:57 (8:56 min/mile average)
4.65 miles in 38:50 (8:21 min/mile average)
5.04 miles in 38:33 (7:39 min/mile average)
20 pull ups
50 push ups
1 hour of cycling
15 minutes in the sauna

It's kind of funny how the running went down.  I just went out 20 minutes and then ran back at the speed I felt like.  At the beginning, I just wanted to run easily, so I did a nice and easy pace.  The second time I went out, I kind of wanted to beat what I did before and managed to get there in 20 minutes but still made it back... even faster than the time before... and the third time, I was running and all of a sudden there was a downpour and I was just wanting to get it over with and run at a little faster pace just to make myself feel like it was worth running in the rain for... and ended up running longer and running faster (and overall less time running).  Tomorrow, the main thing for me is just to get the miles in.  As long as I could get them in, no matter the pace, I would be happy... so I need to make sure I make time to do that.  We'll see how that goes.

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