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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 16 (31 Day Transformation)

Today is definitely the 'hump day' for the month.  It's the middle and I've still got a lot to go... but at the same time, it's almost over!  Can't wait for my training to be over.  Transforming my life into being that of an ultra runner requires a lot of discipline and sacrifice.  As day camp started again, I wasn't able to run in the morning, but after it was over, I had the opportunity to run a little bit before meeting up with some runner friends, and then after that, went to the gym and worked out and then finally came home at a semi-decent hour.

Here's what I did today:

5.14 miles in 49:39 (9:39 min/mile average)
7.5 miles (running on trails with friends)
1.5 mile walk
1 mile run (8 minute pace)
.5 mile walk
20 pull ups
1 hour of cycling
50 push ups

Wanted to do stairmaster, but sleep is also essential for my growth and so didn't add that on to my workout... maybe tomorrow.  As of today, I'm only ahead of my miles by about half a mile, so I need to make sure that I follow my goals...  Hoping to get over 100 miles this week as part of my training.  One of the important things I need to work on before the race is to improve my endurance.  Just because I finished one race that went over 100 miles doesn't mean that I would be able to finish this race.  Each race is different and this one is definitely harder than the rest.  The altitude will definitely be a big factor, but I'm hoping that with enough training and getting there early, my body would be somewhat acclimated to that... as for the elevation... I need to make sure I run a lot of hills and mountains.  Every little bit will help me take another step forward in the race.

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