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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 12 (31 Day Transformation)

Today... was a boring day.  Basically, it means I only ran.  However, this doesn't mean that it was a short rest day run.  It was a long and tiring run.  One that I look back and wished I never did that, because I'm not sure if it was beneficial or not.

Here's what I did:

22.26 mile run in 3:25:58 (9:15 min/mile average)

The hardest part about this run was that I didn't bring any water with me, so after the first several miles, I began to feel the amount of thirst I was suppressing.  Around the 14th mile, I was able to get a drink from the water fountain, and I practically drowned myself in it, drinking for a whole 30 seconds in order to fill up my body with the much needed liquid.  After that, I was able to run faster and keep going.

However, towards the last bit of the run, I was pretty dehydrated and needed another drink... but someone else was there, so I just sucked it up and ran all the way back to the car.  After I got back, I was a little tired and dizzy because I didn't have the water that I so desperately needed.  On the way home, I dropped by the Pilot and bought myself grape juice and Gatorade so that I would get the water and also the sugars and electrolytes that I needed in my body.  After all that, I ate dinner and didn't feel like going to the gym so I just laid around and ate and recovered.

According to the schedule that I created, I'm 7.12 miles ahead of schedule this week, and so I don't technically have to work too hard... just hard enough.  We'll see what happens tomorrow once I wake up.  I just need miles.  Doesn't matter how I get them.

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