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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 30 (31 Day Transformation)

It seems as if I'm getting tired of running because I'm not out and about in the morning.  Rather, I'm staying in bed, being pretty tired, and not wanting to do anything... I need to kick that bad habit and run as soon as I get up!  One day at a time, so tomorrow, I plan on doing just that.  As for today, I ran twice, once by myself, and another with my friends up at Haw Ridge.  Running by myself, I didn't have to push too hard... but running with friends up at Haw Ridge... well let's just say that they push me hard up those hills because they tell me to run up as fast as I could ahead of them, and whenever I slow down... they yell at me to go faster, that it's good for me.  Although I do believe what they say, I just don't think they understand that this is my second run, so I'm not running on fresh legs... in fact, I only had a 45 minute break between my two runs.  Well, I still managed to survive and we hung out afterwards and then parted ways.

Here's what I did today:

7.42 miles in 1:04:01 (8:37 min/mile average)
6.54 hilly miles

Since we were starting and stopping all the time, I could never get a proper pace, but according to my friend's watch, we ran that many miles... and I'm totally cool with it.  Keeping this higher mileage thing up is really pushing me, but I'm definitely seeing a lot coming out of that.  Building a stronger body takes it's toll in the short run, but in the long run, I've gone a ways from where I was to where I'm at.  Tomorrow's my last day for the 31 Day Transformation!

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